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April 06, 2004

Odd Statistic of the Day

This is a surprising statistic, and one that I would like to see explored more fully.

"In South Africa, road accidents cause the most deaths among children between 4 and 15 years. Nearly every day two children die on our roads. Half of these children are younger than 8 years.

"About 800 children, all victims of road accidents, are treated at the Red Cross Children's Hospital. About 15% of these children are orthopedic patients."

What is most surprising is that road accidents are relatively easy to avoid, at least in contrast to things like malnutrition and disease. What is it about developing countries that makes the road so deadly ("200 times more lethal" according to the article)?

Read the story.

Posted by zombyboy at April 6, 2004 10:47 AM


Drivers have less money to maintain their cars properly.

Taximen put 11-13 people in cars built for 7 and jam pack every nook and cranny with belongings.

The cabs of camions (huge trucks) are stuffed with commercants sitting on top of merchandise. Combine that with...

Roads are in terrible shape.

Taximen drive incredibly fast so they can squeeze out more fares.

Licenses can be bought (bribed for) very easily and that's where such rules are enforced at all.

Put all these factors together and it's a nightmare.

Posted by: Brian at April 7, 2004 10:37 AM
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