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March 23, 2004

Politicians Say the Darndest Things

Something about this story made me grin.

South Africa's president has provoked anger after saying he would beat his sister if she told him she had fallen in love with an opposition leader.

Thabo Mbeki made the comment during an election rally when he was criticising African Christian Democratic Party leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe.

NGOs and opposition parties seized on the gaffe saying he should apologise or at least clarify matters.

The ruling African National Congress said the remark was made "in jest".

Don't get me wrong: if I really thought that he was going to beat his sister, there wouldn't be anything funny about it at all. As it is, it was a joke made in very bad taste.

What is funny is that the furor over a few misplaced words by any politician seems to grow every year. I just find myself glad that my words aren't put under such scrutiny--after some of the stupid things that I've said, I feel sure I would never be "electable."

Read about Mbeki's gaffe. Posted by zombyboy at March 23, 2004 08:59 AM

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