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November 17, 2003

A Blog About Africa

Christian Science Monitor has an Africa Blog of their own. This was their very first post on October 30:

We've packed the essentials from our Boston condo - my wife's DVDs and onion salt, my omelette pan and rocking chair - and we're headed off on a big adventure. We're moving to Johannesburg, South Africa, for The Christian Science Monitor. I'll be reporting on the 49 countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

Jen is the real adventurer, though: She's never been to a developing country. And now we're moving to a continent full of them!

My overarching questions for reporting on Africa include: Can Africa - or parts of it - join the world's rush to globalization and greater wealth? Who should solve Africa's problems - outsiders or Africans themselves? And what can the rest of the world learn from Africa?

So come along as two American kids head off with not a lot of knowledge - but tons of curiosity - about our 800 million new African neighbors.

Check back once in a while for weekly blurbs about life on a grand continent....

I have a feeling that this will be worth reading. CSM maintains a consistently excellent standard of writing; even when I find myself disagreeing with their writers' conclusions, I find myself stretching my mind.

What a wonderful development. I'll note just a tiny bit of jealousy. If I had the opportunity, I would do the same as this couple.

Check it out.

Posted by zombyboy at November 17, 2003 02:12 PM
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