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October 03, 2003

Who's Going to Protect Them?

This is just a quick note to add to a post by Instapundit on the UN release of an accused torturer for lack of funds to arrest the man. The UN, instead, sent him back to his home nation of Zimbabwe.

A journalist asks this question:

"What is the UN doing? By sending him back here they are allowing him to torture another day. If the UN does not help us, who is going to protect us from known torturers?" a Zimbabwean journalist said.

Yes. Who?

My problem with the UN isn't the concept of the body, but the incredible lack of will in the body. The UN fails to protect peace or humanity not because it lacks the capacity, but because it lacks the will.

Read the story.
Red the Instapundit view.

Posted by zombyboy at October 3, 2003 08:06 AM
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