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August 27, 2003


In the comments section of my post below, there's an interesting discussion brewing concerning the role of racism in Africa's problems. Walter Williams recently asked some similar questions:

Do you see anything wrong with that picture: world silence in the wake of millions upon millions of black lives lost on the rest of the continent but world outrage in the case of South African apartheid and 5,000 lives lost? Might it be that white Africans are held to higher standards of civility; thus their mistreatment of blacks is unacceptable, while blacks and Arabs are held to a lower standard of civility and their mistreatment of blacks is less offensive?

Go read the whole thing. He makes several provocative statements, and I'm not sure that any of them are wrong.

What do you think?

(Many thanks to Stoney for pointing this column out originally.)

Posted by at August 27, 2003 07:16 PM

I think that White Africans and Israelis are held to higher standards because they are considered to be more *civilized* - what ever that means.

Your quoted author also wrote, What African countries need, the West cannot give. In a word, what Africans need is personal liberty. That means a political system where there are guarantees of private property rights and rule of law.

That is what Africa needs but it cannot seem to get there. Because as the author also wrote, foreign aid has enabled African tyrants to buy cronies and military equipment to stay in power, not to mention establishing multibillion dollar "retirement" accounts...

And then the author writes I listened while the Nigerian ambassador admonished the mostly Nigerian audience to come back home. At the table where I was sitting, my Nigerian hosts broke out in near uncontrollable laughter.

Of course they laughed. Why would they leave this country to return to a country of genocide, politicide and mass murder.

"God left Africa a long time ago." *shrug*

Posted by: Marty at August 27, 2003 08:17 PM is having its First Annual Counter-Racist Science Project Contest!

Information can be found at .

The deadline for entry submission will be 11:55PM Wednesday
October 15, 2003. Judging will promptly occur and will cease October 31, 2003. The winnier of the $200.00 prize money will be announced November 3, 2003.

There is a question and answer forum located on the Counter-Racism Discussion Board under Counter-Racism Science Project. All qualified submissions will follow the scientific process and produce counter-racist code in the form of something that is said and/or something that is done that will neutralize what is said and/or done by the white people who choose to practice white supremacy (racism) for the purpose of replacing the SYSTEM of white supremacy (racism) with a SYSTEM of justice so all people can live in peace.

Good Luck and Happy Countering Racism (White Supremacy)!

Posted by: Virtual_GOD at October 2, 2003 09:05 PM
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